My husband, little girl, and I after one of the best days of my life! Cool fact is that we actually turned my parents old run down barn into a wedding venu. A lot of hardwork, design, and tears went into this day and it will be one we remember forever!

Hey I’m Katie Brasell!


I am from the large town of Thomasville, AL. I recently got married to my high school sweethart and we have a 6 year old little girl. I love to travel, I am a fashion enthusiast, and a art lover! I actually had a art scholarship to the community college I started my career at. 

I currently work at Lee’s Kloset Boutique where I am the social media manager and I’m over the website for the boutique. Weekly tasks I do at my job include scheduling posts for our social platforms, take model pictures/flat lay pictures to showcase our products, design graphics, and add products to our website. I have worked for Mrs. Lee Bishop for 7 years now and plan to continue my career here. 

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